🙏Project Prayer for The Missing-2017

Project Prayer for the Missing-2017

Project Prayer for The Missing is a page dedicated to praying for the missing and their families. This page was put together by Church of the Assumptions ARK Youth Ministry Program in New Jersey. The goal of this page is to connect the youth of our church, as well as other churches who are involved, with the families of the missing through prayer.

Throughout the month of February 2017 one young person from participating churches and youth ministry programs will be praying for and with a family who has a missing loved one as well as for their missing loved one!

Our goal is to have families register on this site and share the name of their loved one as well as their family name and the story of their loved one who is missing. Our youth and all participating church families will be paired up with one family and every day throughout the month of February they will offer the missing loved one and their family up in prayer.

If you would like prayers for your missing loved one, your case needs to be a registered case with CUE Center for Missing Persons. If you are not registered with CUE at this time, you can register by going  HERE.

Prayer is powerful and when we gather together in prayer miracles DO happen! The youth in our program are committed to making a difference in our world today and they know that prayer goes a long way in accomplishing this. Jesus said; “Wherever two or three are gathered in my name there I am in the midst of them.” Matt. 18:20

ARK stands for Acts of Random Kindness; that is how our youth feel the world will be changed, One Act of Random Kindness at a time! It is our hope as well that all participating will have a greater understanding of what is truly an epidemic in our country; missing persons.

My sister Allison Jackson Foy went missing in 2006 and was recovered a little over two years later, today she remains the victim of an unsolved homicide. I know the emotional rollercoaster this journey is and I know firsthand what a blessing it is to know others care and are praying for us. For me, it made the journey bearable.

Please join with us as together we live in hope, are guided by faith and reach out in prayer for all the missing and their families!

Peace and Blessings,
Lisa Valentino
Director of Youth Ministry/Assumption Church
ARK Youth Ministry