Project Prayer For The Missing-Yessenia i Suárez, Thalia and Michael Otto


Missing Since: October 23, 2013

Missing From:Deltona, Florida

Ages at time of disappearance: Yessenia – 28, Thalia – 9, Michael – 8

Details of Disappearance:

Volusia Co., FL, 9 yr old Thalia Otto, 8 yr old Michael Otto and their 28 yr old mother, Yessenia, Suarez, were reported missing and endangered under suspicious circumstances October 23, 2013, when a family member contacted the local Sheriff’s office and requested they conduct a well being check on Yessenia and her children.
Luis Toledo is charged with murdering them but they have not been found.

“My daughter and grandkids disappear from their home oct 23, 2013 . Her husband admitted killing my daughter but denied hurting the kids . But until this day, won’t say where are they . The police and I believe he murdered my family . He is still in county jail, case still going on. . Very sad it being 3 year and nothing .”

Felicita Perez~Mother & Grandmother


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