Project Prayer For The Missing- Kathy Sue Wilcox

Kathy Sue Wilcox Kathy-Sue-Wilcox1 Kathy-Sue-Wilcox3-184x300

Missing From: Otsego, Michigan
Missing Since: 07/12/72
Age at Disappearance: 15
Date of Birth:12/25/56
Classification: Missing
Height: 5’3
Weight: 130
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Blue/Grey
Scars, Marks, Tattoos: Right or left finger has hook fingernail. Previous fractured toes.
Clothing: Blue jeans and a purple shirt.

Details of Disappearance:
Kathy was last seen leaving her home on West Franklin Street in Otsego on July 17, 1972 to go for a walk. She apparently left home after an argument and has not been heard from by her family since. The police investigation at the time didn’t find her. According to records, officers talked to a few people who had seen Wilcox around town near that time, but no trace of her was located.

Woman holds out hope for sister who vanished in 1972

CUE Center Profile Here

Investigative Agency:
Otsego Police Department

My sister, Kathy Sue Wilcox, was 15-1/2 when she was last seen on 7/12/72.  She was  born Christmas day of 1956.  I am exactly one year older than Kathy.

Two short weeks after she was last seen, her police report states she was classified as a run away and her file was closed.  No one was ever investigated.  Little remains to be done today.

I do not believe Kathy ran away.  I believe someone has kept her from us all these years.  When it became apparent no help was forthcoming to find her, I felt hopeless.  I believed at that time that no one cared about us or my sister.  I believed somehow our family was not important or wealthy enough.  I believed if we were more important in the community that surely someone would help us find my sister.

At some point, I began to have great hope that she had done as the authorities stated.  I began to believe a lie that she got away from the chaos of our lives and had made a life of her own.  My hope in this way protected me from the things I could not bear to think about.

Today, my hope is faltering.  I fear my sister has likely been murdered.  It was not like her to go for a walk and not return.  She was so loved and she loved us.

I have been seeking help with the assistance of a ‘perfect stranger’ Shannon Anderson Froeber solidly since January 2014 and yet, we have not inspired anyone to make an anonymous call to tell us what happened to Kathy.

Thank you for your prayers.  Prayers continue to be our greatest gift in our journey to find Kathy and bring her home.

Sister Of Kathy Sue Wilcox – Karen Wilcox






Project Prayer For The Missing- Melanie Metheny

Melanie Metheny animated_candle

Missing Since: 07/19/06
Missing from: Belle, West Virginia
Classification: Missing
Date Of Birth: 06/21/85
Age at disappearance: 21
Height: 5’3″
Weight: 100 lbs
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Race: White
Gender: Female
Distinguishing Characteristics: Pierced ears,
surgical scar on left ankle. Light Complexion

Details of Disappearance

Melanie was last seen at approximately 8:00am after dropping her children off at a daycare in the vicinity of the 3000 block of E. Dupont Ave. in Belle, WV. Her vehicle, described as a gold 1998 Chevy Ventura minivan, was later located abandoned in the vicinity of Wyoming St. and Beuhring Ave. in Charleston, WV.

Investigating Agency
If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office
(304) 357-0169

Website dedicated to the case of Melanie Metheny :

CUE Center Profile Here

Melanie was last seen at approximately 8:00 a.m. on July 19, 2006, after dropping her children off at Daycare in Belle, West Virginia. She has never been heard from again. She was reported missing that evening, after she failed to pick up her children as scheduled. On July 23, vehicle was located abandoned in the vicinity of Wyoming Street and Beuhring Avenue in Charleston, West Virginia. No evidence of her whereabouts was uncovered at the scene. She is a former student at Riverside High School, and at the time of her disappearance she was studying for a college entrance exam; she dreamed of becoming a nurse. Foul play is suspected.

Mother: Deborah L Daniel

Project Prayer For The Missing- Janet Renee Field

Janet Renee Field animated_candle

Missing From: Scottsville , VIrginia
Missing Since: 07/02/14
Classification: Missing;
White Female
Age at Disappearance: 49
Date of Birth:
Height: 5’7
Weight: 140
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue


Details of Disappearance:
Field was last seen on July 2, 2014 by her husband at their dwelling.  Field’s car was located July 4th. It is a 2010 burgundy Subaru Forrester, VA registration WNP2591, and it was located at the Zion’s Crossroads Park & Ride

Investigative Agency:
Fluvanna Co. Sheriff’s Office

CUE Center Profile Here

Left her home in Scottsville Va on July 2, 2014 and never returned. Her car was found at a park and ride on July 4th. Keys, cell phone and pocket book was in the car. Wallet was missing.  No signs or traces of her have been  found.

Cousin- Bridget Whorley

Project Prayer For The Missing- Bonnie Santiago

Bonnie Santiago animated_candle

Missing From: Albemarle County, Virginia
Missing Since: 07/12/14
White Female
Age at Disappearance: 56
Height: 5’4
Weight: 175
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Details of Disappearance:
Last seen by her boyfriend at his residence located near the Carter Mountain Orchards in Albemarle County Virginia at approximately 1:00 AM on July 12, 2014. She hasn’t been seen or heard from since. Her case remains unsolved.

Investigative Agency
Albemarle County Police Department

CUE Center Profile Here

Bonnie has been missing since july 12th , 2014 . It is going on 2 long years of worry , tears and frustration.  She was at her boyfriends house and he said she walked off the mountain at 1a.m. She left behind her vehicle , cell phone , meds , money and a grieving family.  Bonnie did not just walk off . She was stolen from us . She was ripped away from the people that luv her and we want answers . Please pray for her , our family and even these monsters that did this . Pray they grow a conscience and come clean so we can bring her home . God bless us all .

Previous Mother in Law: Lois Roberts

Project Prayer For The Missing- Karen Rae Bosta

Karen Rae Bosta  animated_candle

Missing From: Edenton, North Carolina
Missing Since: 05/30/15
White Female
Age at Disappearance: 39
Height: 5’3
Weight: 150
Hair: brown
Eyes: Blue
Scars, Marks, Tattoos: Butterfly tattoo on lower back. Small red strawberry tattoo between shoulder blades on back.

Details of Disappearance:
Karen Rae Bosta was last seen on May 30th, 2015 at Walgreens in Edenton, North Carolina. Her car was found a few days later in Candle Square parking lot off Broad Street in Edenton, North Carolina.
Her case remains unsolved.

Investigative Agency:
Perquimans County Sheriff’s Office
(252) 426-5615

CUE Center Profile Here

My daughter left the house in the early afternoon on Saturday, May 30th, 2015 and never returned.  Her abandoned car was found about a week later, parked in a parking lot in Edenton, NC. I have been working with law enforcement and CUE Center for Missing Persons tirelessly to find out what happened to her.

Mother of Karen Rae Bosta- Arlene Murin

Project Prayer For The Missing- Indiana Unsolved Homicide-Jason Bolton

Jason Bolton animated_candle

Jason was killed on August 21, 1991 after attending a friends party in Fayette County Indiana, near the Fayette, Franklin and Rush county lines (Laurel Indiana)

Alot of people witnessed his death,and got scared, and are even too scared today, to talk about it.

Jason was  tortured.  His assailants decided to castrate him successfully! If just one person would have stepped Jason up to the plate and called for help, even though Jason was bleeding to death from the castration, he might have lived. When Jason passed out from the pain of the castration they all thought he was already dead, but he wasn’t,so they decided they had to get rid of his dead body somehow, so they staged a cover up!

They placed his body in the middle of the road,  then they went and got their own car and  one person steered the driver so that one of the tires would run right in between my legs, they had already had his legs spread eagle, and they slowly run this car in between his legs and over his chest cavity which instantly crushed his chest, and to the right of his head. He went fast and easy after that. But it’s been 20 years now!

They ruled Jason’s death an accidental death and said the car killed him when it run over him. Law Enforcement even took statements from 4 of the people involved in his death back at the party, and they just believe these four people about the car hitting a person laying in the middle of the road!

Investigative Agency
Indiana State Police

Detective Scott Jarvis
9022 South State Rd. 67
Pendleton, IN 46064

(VNO)- Jason Bolton would be celebrating his 40th birthday this year. Instead, he never celebrated his 17th. He never got to graduate high school, get married, or have kids.

How do two boys end up passed out at the same time, only feet apart in the roadway? Jason was struck and killed. The other fled the scene and claimed to have never been there (resulting in obstruction of justice charges).

The Coroner ruled this an accidental homicide. The family has received anonymous letters over the years stating that this was a cruel murder involving several perpetrators. There is no statue of limitations for murder; police have this open as an active investigation. Jason’s story has gained national attention.

Jason Dale Bolton was born in Connersville, Indiana on April 15, 1975 to Margie Boyer. He died August 21, 1991 in Fayette County, Indiana. What really happened the night of August 21, 1991 resulting in the mutilation and death of 16 year old Jason Bolton? This is a question that has haunted his sister Tomi Bolton Schmid for over 20 years.

We spoke at length with his sister.

“We grew up poor, and in a bad part of town. But Jason was a good kid. He was helping an elderly lady stack firewood and haul water the day before he died, he worked hard at a local stone quarry to help us and he was only 16. Jason would help anyone, he wouldn’t stand by and let someone hurt another without getting involved. One rumor is, it got him killed, that he tried to stop some guys from raping a girl at a party. ”– Tomi Bolton Schmid

So what was Jason doing lying in the road unconscious at 3:00 am on August 21, 1991?

Victims News Online’s team has reviewed the witness statement, photos taken by the coroner (too graphic for the public eye) and interviewed Jason’s family. We attempted to contact Timothy “Tiny” Pursifull Jr. who was the other individual reportedly “passed out” in the roadway, yet allgedly fled the scene upon Jason being struck.

Witness stories vary greatly. Coroner Joseph E. Todd ruled it an accident, yet the investigation into the events of that night by the local police remains in an open status (though deemed a “cold case”).

Jason’s sister is convinced that she not only knows what happened that night, but who may be responsible. And that she will not rest until her brother receives the justice she feels he deserves.

“My mom fought to uncover the truth, so did my grandma and my uncle. They are all gone now. My uncle burned up in a vehicle fire one night. It was ruled an accidental fire, but my uncle had found out stuff. I believe if they would exhume Jason’s body that evidence went to the grave with him. The boots he had on are in a bag in there, there’s even talk around town that a weapon was slipped into his coffin. I think that with the technology available today, Jason’s body will tell them what happened and who tortured and mutilated him before placing him in the road and running over him. His pictures keep telling me, ‘“They murdered me’”. Jason is speaking to us in those photos of his death. He’s trying to tell us. But no one will listen!”– Tomi Bolton Schmid

The Coroner’s Tale

The Coroner’s report told this story.

Jason and his friend Timothy “Tiny” Pursifull Jr. had been visiting friends and drinking beer. They decided to walk to Jason’s father’s house and upon doing so became sleepy and stopped to rest. The boys either fell asleep or passed out on the County Road and were in the roadway when a vehicle driven by Duane A. Grim came upon them about 3:00am. According to the deposition given to [investiating officer] Trooper Fields by Mr. Grim, he thought he saw a person in the road and drove left to avoid hitting him, not seeing Jason on the other side of the road. The front left tire struck Jason in the groin area causing severe loss of tissue in the groin area the body was pushed down the road for a short distance and then the vehicle passed over it, crushing the rib cage on the left side and fracturing the skull in two places.


The theory that he and Pursifull were walking to the father’s house is quite suspect. Jason was estranged from his father. He had never even met his father.

There are other inconsistencies.

“What that report says, and the pictures show doesn’t make sense. His whole groin area was just mutilated. There was even a little testicle on the side of the road. Rumors around town, and even some anonymous letters I have received, say that they did that to him before they put him in the road. That they cut all of that off, and they thought he was dead but he wasn’t. He had passed out from loss of blood and pain. When they put him there and ran over him it was to cover up what they had done. That’s what people say. And I think people are telling the truth.

Back then a Coroner was elected – they didn’t have to have any medical training for it. There wasn’t even an autopsy. Jason needs to be exhumed. We need to know the truth, whatever it is, once and for all. He deserves that. I deserve that.

My life stopped the night I identified baby Jason. I went there that morning, to where it happened. They didn’t even clean it up. There were latex gloves and I even picked up a couple teeth I would have done more then, but I didn’t know. I only saw his face. No one told me about his groin area! I didn’t even know until I finally got my hands on those pictures. At first the Coroner told me no. But he called me the next morning and said he had thought about it all night, and if I would meet him in 20 minutes he would give them to me so I did. That’s when I realized the rumors were true, his whole groin area was just….gone…mutilated. I saw a picture of a little white thing on the side of the road by the grass I didn’t even know what it was. Coroner Joe Todd told me it was a testicle. And it was! It was a little severed testicle.” –Tomi Bolton Schmidt

Victims News Online asked Tomi Bolton Schmidt what she felt was the next plan in getting to the truth of the events that led up to her baby brother Jason’s life being so tragically cut short. She affectionately still refers to him as “baby Jason”.

She said besides one of the people she feels are responsible for a lot more than they acknowledging coming forward and telling her what really happened, she wants her brother’s coffin exhumed. She wants to know the real story.

“Please allow your heart and understanding to open up an honest investigation into Jason’s death. This is all we ask.”- Tomi Bolton Schmid

The one she feels Jason is trying so desperately to tell us from beyond the grave.

Website for Jason Bolton’s case:

The Facebook group “Join Us on the Journey 4 Justice 4 Jason Dale Bolton” may be found here.

Sister of Jason Bolton: Tomi Schmid


Unidentified-Princess Doe – Blairstown, New Jersey


What is known about Princess Doe:

Discovery date of the body: Thursday, July 15th, 1982 ~ 8:00am

The body of Princess Doe was discovered by local cemetery maintenance workers on the
southeast corner of the cemetery, just over the steep bank that leads down to the creek
below. The cemetery has been modified and expanded over the years so the exact location is
difficult to pin point. We have used a photo comparison from 1982 and present day to come
up with an excellent idea of where the body was found.

Location: The Cedar Ridge Cemetery in Blairstown, New Jersey (Warren County), USA
State Route 94 – Across from the old A&P Shopping Plaza. This is the largest cemetery in the
Blairstown area and relatively full at this point.

Cause of Death: Blunt force trauma to the head. The actual weapon was not found or

Approximate Age: 14-18 years – This is not exact due to the amount of time the body was
exposed and the climate in the area during that time.

Approximate Weight: 110 pounds (50kg)

Approximate Height: 5′ 2″ (157cm)

Hair Color: Medium Brown – Shoulder Length

Race: Caucasion/Non-Hispanic

Eye Color: Unknown

DNA: Entered in CODIS and available for comparison

Finger Prints: Available for comparison

Dentals: Available for comparison

Both ears were pierced, the left ear twice

The victim was found, partially clothed in a simple “peasant” skirt and a red short sleeved
shirt with yellow piping.  The
victim was found without any footwear or undergarments.

The victim was found with red nail polish on the right hand only.

No known surgical scars, birth marks or tattoos. Scars or marks on the head/face area would
not be known due to the condition of the body.

The front two teeth are slightly darker than the other teeth. Dental records are available for

The victim’s appendix and tonsils were intact

The victim was not pregnant and had never given birth. No conclusive evidence of sexual
assault was found but once again, this was difficult to determine because of the exposure of
the body.

Toxicology did not reveal any traces of drugs but is not 100% conclusive because of the time
lapse between the death and discovery of the body

It is believed that the body was discovered after 1-3 weeks of exposure – this was difficult to
determine because of the hot/humid weather in the area at the time.